Communication For Business

VOIP & Sip Trunks

Manage your calls with the same flexibility that you can manage your emails.
Whatever it is called, Hosted, Voip, or Sip Trunks this set of solutions will be able to meet your needs.

Voice calls are turned into a digital signal which is sent over broadband or fibre. Internet Protocol (IP) is the name of the digital signal.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

How Flexible Is It?

  • Have different people in different buildings, different towns or even different countries and connect them together on a single system.
  • Transfer calls seamlessly and without charge between them. Benefit from all of the features of traditional systems without  buying an expensive box on the wall.
  • Keep your number wherever your business moves to.
  • Let every phone have it’s own direct number without having to have it’s own line.
  • A good broadband connection coupled with a good imagination allows you to make this solution work for you

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