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Intelligent Numbering

An intelligent number is a number of your choice independent of the telephone line which cleverly manages your calls for you. 01/02/03 numbers, 0800/ 0845 numbers available or even your existing number.

Add one or many features from below to manage your incoming calls the way your business needs

Whisper Announcement


Announces the call to you before you answer allowing you to prepare or run multiple businesses professionally.

Hunt Groups


Let your customer’s call find an available person without having to invest in expensive equipment. Even better this service will let the call search for someone across different locations.

Time of day & day of week routing


Send the calls where they need to be answered at different times on different days so that you never need miss a call.

Call queueing


Instead of your customers walking away at the engaged tone they stay connected with or without comfort messages until you can get to them.

Press 1 for...


Help your customer’s select the right place for their call to be answered with helpful auto prompts and key presses. Works across multiple locations and without expensive equipment.

Pre Connection Greeting


Welcome your customer’s warmly whilst giving yourself time to prepare to help them with their call.

Conference Calling


A professional image, a single number a unified company.

Fax to email


Bring your faxes directly to your PC. Never lose an order.

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