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“Last year we began to get emails from our clients complaining that they were trying to call us but could never seem to get through. The phones seemed to work one day and not the next which was a huge problem for us as our business relies on being able to regularly speak to our clients in order to deal with their affairs.  Eventually the old phone system gave up altogether and we called Excel Telecom to help us in an emergency.  Luke and his team came in to the office at short notice and installed a temporary system that day to get us back up and running in the short term.  They then allowed us to keep the temporary phones in place whilst we agreed a quote for their services and bought some nice new phones! They ordered and installed all of the new phones quickly and within a short space of time both the staff and clients could speak to each other again.  We are so pleased with the new system and the service we received from Excel that we would not hesitate to recommend them to others looking for cloud based telephony solutions in their business.  Thank you from the team at Moulds & Co Accountants.”